Who are we?

We are a community that loves God, loves people, and is passionate about sharing the gospel.



Authentic Worship

An authentic worshiper responds in joy, humility, repentance and obedience to God as He is in His Perfection and as He acts in His Holiness.  Whether this is within the worshiping community, in public life, with his family or when he is by himself, he serves the same God who deserves our best intentions and behaviors.  Worship is sometimes defined as recognizing the “worthiness of God”; it calls us to be more devoted to Him during all of life.  The Bible indicates that our lifestyles should be such that others may ‘see our good works and turn to faith in Him” [Mat. 5:16].  The authentic worshiper lives transparently before his God and this is evidenced in the heartfelt sincerity with which he sings in worship, prays to his Lord and lives his life in relationships with others.

Disciple Making

Making disciples is the primary ministry of the Church [Mat. 28:16-20] as evidenced by the commands of Jesus to His original followers.  It is a broad plan that involves living under the authority of Jesus, going out and preaching His message of the gospel, including new followers into the church family through baptism and continually teaching them to obey all that Jesus instructed.  Paul instructs his disciple Timothy to repeat the teachings that he made publicly and repeatedly in his own relationship with Timothy, indicating that it wasn’t the fringe elements that he was to convey, but rather the “tested and true” aspects of the faith.  Our disciple making program will consist of a number of high impact, broad based interactive ministries that remain relationally based and are easily reproduced within the congregation and beyond it.

Biblical Community

The early church was “devoted” to the Lord, but it is perhaps better to say that it was the obvious commitment to one another as they lived out the implications of their faith.  The believers were filled with awe as they continued to witness the daily outpouring of the Holy Spirit.  The biblical community met frequently to celebrate the goodness of God and took action to sell their possessions and property so that they could support one another when a financial need arose amongst them.  It was this contagious sense of belonging together that drew others into their midst and into saving faith with Jesus.  Our goal is to develop and continue this same type of highly interactive community.

Ministry Multiplication

Ministry Multiplication can occur in a variety of settings.  It can be the reproduction of existing ministries within the church, such as Community Groups giving birth to new groups.  It can be the fostering of new endeavors, such as OutReach Partnerships, Prayer Triads, The Georgetown South Project, etc.   It is also the extension of the Local Church beyond the borders of its current influence as churches are planted in new areas for gospel penetration.  Paul was called to travel on three separate “missionary journeys” where he planted churches in new areas of the world - indeed he was eager to preach where Christ was not already known [Rom. 15:9].  All of these are ripe aspects for us as we seek to multiply our own ministries within Prince William over the next three years.

Servant Leadership

Servant Leadership is almost ignored in the world in which we live, but if we are to serve Christ, it is one of the most important qualities that we can possess.  It means that our service is in selflessness.  We do NOT put others at our own disposal by creating a need for them and continually filling it, but rather that we serve others out of the humility of leadership that comes to meet their needs and teaches them to meet the needs of others in the future.  Jesus is our prime example of this.  He did not come to flaunt His Divine abilities, but to meet the needs of those who required the payment of His perfect life, His Cross & His Resurrection as a free gift.  Jesus was a humble leader, and for the work that we are called to do, we too must be humble in our own investments in people and projects.