The Worship Team at CrossWay is a Christ-centered community that provides worshipers with an opportunity to hear His Gospel, to respond to His grace, and to encounter His glory.

Worship at CrossWay is meant to be engaging and authentic. Our goal is for each person to walk away impressed by the glory and grace of our God. 

Since our team is primarily composed of volunteers from within our congregation, each week has a slightly different feel than the last. Some weeks will be a full rock band, other weeks a stripped down acoustic-folk set. We highly value gospel-centeredness, depth, creativity and excellence, and are more concerned with our congregation's ability to engage God, than our opportunity to perform.

If you're interested in auditioning, send an email to Janine McCormick or click the button below for more information and to contact her.

More Info: Janine McCormick  | janine@crosswayfellowship.org or 703-368-2386