100 Days of Prayer

I have been spending more time in prayer than I previously have. I can say that as of late the time I carve out to pray has become increasingly more valuable to me. The reason for that is not simply because I resolved to be more disciplined, but because I sought to understand why, how, and for what I should be praying about. Two of the aspects of prayer that have been great encouragement to me are that our prayers cultivate a life that is actively dependent upon God and the second is that our prayers are effective. In Luke 11:9-13 Jesus talks about how we should understand coming to God in prayer like a dependent son coming to his father expecting that he will provide the food that he has asked for. The second aspect is that our prayers are effective. James 4:2-3 tells us that God gives in relation to our prayers when we ask with pure motives. He gives to us simply because we ask! How exciting is that? I would encourage you to read through these verses and carve out some time to ask God to provide. Imagine how God can move and ask Him to go above and beyond even that. If I really believe that God acts because I ask, how could I not pray?

 - Pastor Mike Flannery