100 Days of Prayer

Hello friends,  

Do you ever find yourself saying "my life is drab, so boring", or "I don't have much to offer, I don't dance, I can't sing or play or lead music". When we give an audience to such ideas we are missing a key part of who God made US to be. As I have been thinking about Paul's first letter to the Corinthians (see 12th chapter), he speaks about different ways God works and that the "same Spirit distributes them all"!!!

In this period of gift giving (and also in receiving), let us embrace this truth. All gifts of God's spirit are from the same source.

I must confess, I fail to remember that. I guess it is the easy and comfortable way. But God has a better plan. He calls me to "rejoice if a part of the body is honored".  And He also calls me to feel sorrow when "one part of our body suffers". We suffer together. Forgive me friends, I have sometimes gone my own way and neglected to care. I apologize.

Since we are spiritually bound together, we must gain to appreciate all that we are, repeat, ALL that we are; not just the "presentable", which is easy, but also the "unpresentable", which is not as easy.

I can do better. I can learn to support every part of the body, as is good and fitting. So this is my prayer:

Lord in heaven: Help me to see the wonderful ways you connect ALL the parts of our body of believers. Help me to be involved in the lives of your people.

How about you?  Will you pray with me here?  I promise one thing: the fruit of God's spirit overflows, he gives joy over regret, he gives beauty over ashes. Do have a wonderful Christmas my friends. Give thanks to our Lord and be filled.

And all the people said, Amen.

-Mark Hawthorne