More is Less and Less is More

I must confess, my life is much defined by my work.  I read recently that "if our lives are defined by work, then what we do becomes less and less effective". So in that case, More is Less.  Do you ever feel like this?

 But Jesus invites us to fellowship with Him, and to join Him in a quiet place to pray and get some rest.  A scripture of comfort to me, as I labor along tells me to let go and take on the yoke of Christ:

"Come unto me all you who labor and are heavily laden and I will give you rest....for my yoke is easy and my burden is light". -Matthew 11:28-30

Olympic gold medal winner Edwin Moses was interviewed once after he had won multiple races and said, "the problem with most professional athletes is they don't get enough sleep".   I've never won big like this but for some reason this stuck with me anyway.

We do a lot better when we get some rest....When Less is More.

Be quiet, seek the Lord, get some rest.

-Mark Hawthorne, Elder