Missions Update: April

Further update about what God is doing in the Middle East.


Jesus was on the boat with us. 

(this is a report from some staff of CRU in an undisclosed country)

One of our staff members is now discipling a group of refugees who escaped in the same boat together. The seas were rough one day and several other boats capsized. Many people drowned. The ones that didn't had a terrible time. But the people in this boat were praying. And Jesus responded. They were the only boat that day to arrive safely, with everyone on board dry and calm.

When other survivors asked how they managed to navigate in such waters, the refugees replied that they were accompanied the whole way by a shining heavenly figure that they somehow knew was Jesus. "Jesus was on the boat with us," they said. Please pray for the survivors who witnessed this miracle, and for everyone who hears their amazing testimony, that they will pass on their precious gift of knowing Jesus personally!

Since we have just read this account let us also 'pass on their precious gift of knowing Jesus personally!' to everyone God puts in our path. 

Remember the picture of the huge refugee camp shown on the screen Sunday? Here are some comments of people who live there and then something you can do about it. 

"Life is miserable in the camp. We wish to return home . . . . I hope the peace will come soon."

"We are sleeping on the ground and the weather is very extreme. Our lives depend entirely on God and other people. We wish to become independent again and move on with our lives."

"I hope to return home, even if they stole everything. . . . because life here is very difficult."

"I have two wishes: Go home, and. . . all religions should be able to live together."


What $40.00 can do:

  • CRU is preparing Refugee Hope Kits to give away. They contain: 
  • 21 days of food
  • A coat or other warm clothing
  • A blanket
  • Hygiene items
  • Other humanitarian relief as needed
  • God's love, comfort and hope!


You can also contribute securely online by clicking on the link below.


Help the Refugees 

Please keep these brothers and sisters and their families in your prayers.  Hebrews 13:3. Please feel free to contact me at helpyouwed@comcast.net or call me at 

703-791-5987 for more information and suggestions on how you can help. The missions committee has decided to give 10% of the wash fund once a year to an organization helping the persecuted believers. 


Carol Eyles