Announcement of Candidate

The Pastoral Search Team and the Elder Board are delighted to announce our nomination of Kyle Brenon as our next Senior Pastor.

Kyle will preach at CrossWay on April 23rd, the Sunday after Easter. We will have a congregational meeting on April 30th for active members to vote on him as our Senior Pastor.  The Senior Pastor shall be chosen by a minimum of 75% majority vote of members present at that meeting. Based on that vote, we will extend the call to him. If approved, we would then work to have him on board by July 1st or sooner.

About Kyle

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Kyle was born and raised here in Manassas. He grew up in a non-Christian home and came to faith in Christ when he was 16 years old after having been given a bible by a friend. He felt the call to vocational ministry soon after. Upon graduating from Osbourn Park he attended Liberty University, and later Washington Bible College. 

Kyle began serving in ministry in Centreville, VA in 1996, and came on staff as the youth pastor here at Crossway in April 2003. In May 2014, God called him to serve at Faith Christian Fellowship in Hagerstown, MD as the “Communities Discipleship” pastor. There his responsibilities include overall adult discipleship, adult home groups, Christian education as well as serving as one of the teaching pastors.  

Sixteen years ago, while serving in student ministry in Centreville, Kyle met his wife Sarah. They were married in January, 2006 and have 4 amazing children who thankfully, all look like their mother. Christopher, Carolina “Lilly,” Hannah and Dayna.

He is passionate about the gospel and nothing excites him more than helping others grow in their relationship with The Lord.

Kyle enjoys spending time with friends and family, and doing just about anything outdoors. He loves backpacking, camping, and getting lost in the mountains on his motorcycle.

About our Search & Interviews

The pastoral search process began over the summer with planning, researching, and building the Pastoral Search Team. In the fall, the team, consisting of Sheri Bailey, Lee Brinkley, Alan Cole, Misty Keener, Megan Lavedas, and Paul Patton, conducted a congregational survey, developed a pastor profile, and collaborated with the Evangelical Free District Office. The District office used the profile we created to find the best candidates from their nation-wide database.

In December, we closely reviewed the resumes of twenty-five candidates that the District Office sent us. We also received and reviewed resumes from referrals and other sources, including over 100 resumes from, the largest online church resume database.  The search team considered the resumes of a few strong candidates from these sources, but ultimately decided not to pursue them further. In January, we narrowed our focus to 7 candidates. We sent those 7 candidates written questions and listened to their sermons. After reviewing he 7 candidate's answers, we again narrowed our focus down to 2 promising candidates.

In mid-January, once we had the search process in place and had reviewed a sufficient number of resumes, Alan Cole reached out to Kyle Brenon (CrossWay's former Youth Pastor) to see if he was interested in applying for the Senior Pastor position. Kyle followed the same process as everyone else. He applied and sent answers to the search team's written questions. We reviewed his written responses and a number of his sermons. Of all the candidates, Kyle had the best or among the best responses we had seen. He also preached energetic and biblically based sermons. We decided to continue to move forward with him.

In February, we conducted thorough interviews of our top 3 candidates, including Kyle, and aimed to be objective and impartial with each candidate.

After the interviews, we decided that two of the three candidates weren't a fit for CrossWay and we would not endorse either candidate.  The team unanimously concluded, however, to recommend Kyle as our next Senior Pastor.

This brings us to recent weeks:

The search team (for a second time) and the elder board (for the first time) interviewed Kyle a few weeks ago. The elder board had a lengthy interview with him and was impressed with his thoughtful responses. The background check and reference calls were completed this past week.  The search team formally recommended and the elder board approved the recommendation of Kyle Brenon as our next Senior Pastor. We did not pick Kyle because he was the easy choice, but because he was the best choice.


These are the top reasons we heartily recommend Kyle as our next Senior Pastor:

-His 11 years of experience both here at Crossway, and the last three years at Faith Christian Fellowship in Hagerstown, MD, have clearly prepared him to be a senior pastor.

-He possesses both the experience and skill in each area of CrossWay's Senior Pastor job description, including preaching and teaching, prayer, strategic planning and implementation, staff development, shepherding and building relationships.

-His preaching is expository, compelling, and applicable to all generations and types of people.

-He possesses the character, heart, relational and shepherding qualities of a caring pastor.

-He is spiritually mature, humble, devoted to prayer, and a man of deep faith.

-He is transparent, has a strong spiritual strength, and the passion to be a senior pastor.

-His references strongly endorsed him as a senior pastor, including the former pastor at Faith Christian Fellowship and his current Senior Pastor.  Jim Ramsak also strongly endorsed him as a Senior Pastor.

We have prayed over this and thank the prayer team for their strong prayers during the entire process up to this point. We are confident that God has prepared Kyle to be a senior pastor. Kyle, with his wife, Sarah's, strong support, has a fervent desire to serve as the Senior Pastor at CrossWay. We firmly believe there is no better choice than Kyle. 


With Gladness, 

The CrossWay Pastoral Search Team and Elder Board | March 28th, 2017

Listen to Pastor Kyle's Sermons