"Embrace the Weirdness" - Week Four (Acts 19:18-20)

Community Group Questions

This week we continue in our sermon series “Embrace the Weirdness!” For the past three weeks we have been exploring the fact that God often calls us to do things that are not “normal” in the world’s eyes. To surrender to Him in ways that the world just can’t understand, and sacrifice in ways that don't make sense in their eyes. We have not been called to be “normal,” and we are not expected to think the way the world does. If we are truly following Jesus, it is inevitable that we will stand out like a sore thumb. In Acts 18 -19 we follow Paul through Corinth, Antioch and Ephesus where a complicated mix of culture, theology and politics plays out in front of him (Hard to relate to that right?!) and it all comes together in Ephesus when a riot breaks out. 

This week we look at two very different responses from those who come face to face with the truth of who Jesus really is. Some reject Him, unable to hear the truth because they hold so tightly to their own kingdom. Yet others hear and believe! They are willing to surrender EVERYTHING in order to embrace Jesus as their savior. Their response is pretty weird!

Read: Acts 17:29-31, Acts 19:11-20, Acts 19:23-34


1. In Acts 17:29-31 Paul pleads with those in the midst of the Areopagus not to think of the divine as being like Gold and Silver. In essence, saying God is not made in our image, rather we are made in His. What are some things we might believe to be true about God that are really more of a reflection of ourselves?

2. In Acts 19:11-20 we see a large group of new believers, who had been heavily involved in pagan worship and even demonic activity do something incredibly bold; some might even say WEIRD! 

  • What do they do, and why is it so significant?

  • Are we this sold out to Jesus! Are we willing to let go of our personal history, maybe even idols within our culture, in order to follow Him more closely?      

3. What of our “old selves” might we be holding onto? Why are we often so afraid to let it go?

4. In Acts 19:23-34 we see a different response to the things Paul is teaching. The price to be payed to follow Jesus is too high, and culture is unwilling to shift. What obstacle keeps them from hearing Paul’s words? 

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