Sanctity of Life

January 21, 2018 | Pastor Ben Purves, Occoquan Bible Church |Psalm 139:13-18

Community Group Questions

This Sunday we will consider how the Gospel should shape our understanding of the sanctity of human life. 45 years and 58 million abortions later, how ought we to respond? Let us turn our eyes to Christ’s death and resurrection, and consider how we might live out the implications of the gospel in all areas of life.

Read: Psalm 139:13-18


1. What stood out to you from this week's sermon as to how the Sanctity of Human life is so tied to the Gospel of Jesus Christ? 2. What are the biblical implications for our relationships as fellow image-bearers?

3. How does the mercy and grace of God affect the way we interact with those who have had or who may be considering an abortion?

How might you share the gospel with someone who has had or is considering an abortion?

4. What might our church look like if everyone of us was committed to making a real difference in our community for the gospel? What difference do you believe YOU could have in the lives of those who have had or are considering abortion?

Prayer Focus:

-Would you pray for the Gospel to be brought to those who are considering an abortion and that the grace of God would overwhelm them?

- Would you commit to pray for our local Care Net Pregnancy resource center, as they ministry to some of the most vulnerable and at risk women in our area.