If Jesus Should Ask...

April 9, 2017 | Tom Swanson | Mark 11:1-11


Getting Acquainted

1) Have you ever been involved as a participant in some mass event or demonstration? What was it? What was it like? Was it exciting? Scary? Easy to get swept up in?

Getting into the Bible

2) In the account of Palm Sunday Jesus sends two disciples to get a colt for him to ride, saying that the Lord has need of it (Mark 11:3). The word need (used 47 times in the New Testament) speaks of what is necessary. Look up the following verses to get an overview of our need: Matthew 9:12, Luke 10:42, Romans 12:13, 1 Corinthians 12:21-24, Ephesians 4:28-29 and Revelation 3:17. What kind of needs do we have? Now look at Philippians 4:19, Revelation 21:23 and Revelation 22:5. What is our current and future hope as believers in regard to our needs?

3) Let’s look at the phrase the Lord has need of it once more. It may or may not surprise you to learn that of the 47 times the word is used in the New Testament, it is only used in three places in reference to Jesus, and never in relation to the Father or the Spirit. The words we find in Mark are duplicated in Matthew’s (21:3) and Luke’s (19:31, 34) accounts of Palm Sunday. No verses to look up but put on your theological hat and think about these questions: Was Jesus’ need the same as our needs? If not, how was it different? What does it tell us about the incarnation that we read of Jesus having a need? 

Working it out in Life

4) Is there one idea from last week’s message on Palm Sunday that really caught your attention, set you to thinking or helped you in your walk with Christ? What was it?

5) Each of the gospels recounts the history of Palm Sunday. Read John 12:12-19 for his account. From what you read here, what was the response or motivation of the disciples to the events? Of the crowds? Of the religious leaders? Why do you think Jesus chose to make his entrance to Jerusalem in this way? With all the confusion and mixed motives swirling around, did the message eventually get through? In our confusing times, if we present the gospel to someone, can the message still get through?

6) When Jesus entered Jerusalem on Palm Sunday he was greeted by crowds shouting the words of Psalm 118:25-26. Read these other sections from Psalm 118 as well: verses 5-7, 19-24 and 27-29. Can you see ways in which these words are also being played out on this day and in the week to come? What are some lessons that we should take from this?

Digging Deeper

7) The Palm Sunday message continued some of the emphasis from previous messages that everything belongs to God. Have you had a time in your life when it seemed as if Jesus was saying to you, I need that? Was it an easy or hard thing to contemplate giving up what the Lord was asking from you? If you’re willing to share that moment, tell the group about it.

8) Ultimately it seems that the man who gave up the use of his donkey was very blessed by his decision. Can you tell about a time when you felt like the Lord was asking for something from you and you discovered later that it was not a loss, but a great blessing to be able to give it?

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Message: April 9, 2017

Message title: If Jesus Should Ask… 

Message Scripture: Mark 11:1-11

Message summary: Palm Sunday is a wonderful day! It’s the celebration before the storm of Good Friday, but no one except Jesus really understood that then. It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement and joy of such a day, but perhaps a bit hidden in the history of that day is a very fundamental, serious question. When Jesus asks to use something that we consider our own, how do we respond? 


1) Jesus asks   11:1-3

2) We give   11:4-6

3) God blesses   11:7-11