A Look In The Mirror: A Healthy, Growing Body

May 21, 2017 | Tom Swanson | Romans 12:3-8


Getting Acquainted

1) When you think about our human bodies, what do you find to be the absolutely most amazing thing about how they work or the way they’ve been designed?  

2) As we look at the image of the Church as a body, what is one of the most amazing things you think of when you see the Church in that way?

Getting into the Bible

3) We all form opinions about ourselves. In the words of Romans 12:3 we all think about ourselves. Some people tend to think more highly of themselves than they ought! The word refers to someone who has a high opinion of himself or who always has a self-focus. We should instead think with sober judgment about ourselves. Read Mark 5:15, Titus 2:6 and 1 Peter 4:7 for other uses of this word. Do you see the differences between the two self-evaluations and how they would play out? What influence could the high thinkers have in a church? What influence could the sober judgment people have?

4) The idea of having unity within diversity is crucial to an understanding of how the Church is to function as a body. Read 1 Corinthians 12:12-14 and 12:26-27. List at least three things from this passage that give us unity as a church. List at least three things that could drive a wedge between people in a church. What will keep a church focused on what draws them together rather than on what could drive them apart? How do these verses tell us that we specifically can see the unity of believers in the church?

Working it out in Life

5) As you listened to last week’s message or have thought about the Church as a body, what has been a lesson that has especially spoken to your heart or challenged you?

6) Pastor Tom pointed out from the Romans 12:3-8 passage the key role that humility and service to others plays in a church that is functioning well as a body. How can you demonstrate those attributes and actions at CWF? Do you see some evidence of those things around you already at CWF?

7) Pastor Tom pointed out from the Ephesians 4:11-16 passage the key role that a common purpose and goals can play in a church that is functioning well as a body. Why do you think that is the case? What can you personally do to foster those common ideals? Do you see some evidence of that already at CWF?

Digging Deeper

8) Look back on your own history of being part of a church, whether it is long or short, whether it has largely been lived out here at CWF or largely in other places. What do you see of the bride who is loved, the family to belong to, the temple under construction or the healthy and growing body? Does it surprise you at all how Christ describes the Church? Do his descriptions in some way match your experience?  

Series title: A Look in the Mirror

Message 1: May 21, 2017

Message title: A Healthy, Growing Body

Message Scripture: Romans 12:3-8

Message summary: A visit to the doctor’s office or reading the warnings of possible side-effects from using a medicine tells us one thing for sure: our bodies are amazing and complicated creations! Every part is essential and every part can have an effect on so many other parts. That’s why it’s no surprise when God uses the human body to teach us about Christ’s spiritual body, the Church. In the Church as well every part is essential and all members are interconnected. The Church can seem complicated at times too, but more than anything else, the Church is amazing!  


1) We are not all the same   Romans 12:3-8

2) We are all to grow together   Ephesians 4:11-16