The Great Reversal

June 4, 2017 | Tom Swanson | Genesis 11:1-9


Getting Acquainted

1) There is a longing most of us have to not have to go it alone or to be part of a bigger group. Tell about a group that you have belonged to that has given you a real sense of purpose and acceptance. Just so you have to think a little harder, you can’t say “family” or “church”!

Getting into the Bible

2) In the Genesis account of the tower of Babel the people say twice “Come, let us” (11:3-4). Read Genesis 37:26-27, Psalm 83:3-4, Jeremiah 18:18 and Matthew 21:33-38 for a sampling of when this phrase occurs again. Do you see a common thread in these verses? What motivates the “come, let us” when it is spoken? As much as you can tell, how did it turn out for those who uttered those words?

3) Now look at a sampling of the same “Come, let us” expression from another vantage point or motivation. Read Nehemiah 2:17-18, Psalm 93:1-3, Isaiah 2:1-3 and Hosea 6:1-3. Do you see a common thread in these verses? What motivates the “come, let us” when it is spoken here? As much as you can tell, how did/will it turn out for those who uttered those words?  

Working it out in Life

4) Was there one thing from last Sunday’s sermon that most intrigued you, upset you, caused you to scratch your head or brought a sense of agreement to your mind? What was it and why?

5) Pentecost Sunday is rightly seen as the great mission celebration of the Church. It is the day when the promise of Acts 1:8 (you will receive power) found its fulfillment and the Church began to take the message of the Gospel to the ends of the earth. We are reminded on Pentecost that the Church is not to be only inward focused, but also outward focused. How does that work for you personally? Do you have a sense of ease in taking the message of the Gospel to those that don’t know Christ? What could help you in that way, if you sense you need help?

6) Pentecost Sunday is also the day when we remember that the false unity of uniformity (like Babel) is overturned and real unity is found in Christ. At Pentecost people came from all over, but they found unity through all the differences in the Spirit. What draws you towards other believers? Have you had an experience of real Christian unity with someone who is not like you in many other respects? How can you individually and we at CWF as a church seek to increase such contacts? 

Digging Deeper

7) The people of Genesis 11 made a choice to disobey God while the people of Acts 2 chose to obey him. As you look at your own life, what are the fears, anxieties or desires that could most easily lead you away from obedience? What most effectively counters those impulses in your life?

8) In your own spiritual walk, can you think of a time when the words “come, let us” led you away from following the Lord? Can you think of a time when those words led you closer to the Lord? If so, what made the difference in the choices you made?

Series title: --

Message 1: June 4, 2017

Message title: The Great Reversal

Message Scripture: Genesis 11:1-9

Message summary: So many times we think we know better. The GPS says turn right, but we know better. The sign says wet paint, but we know better. Not so bad; we lose a few minutes or need to scrub a finger. But it can be very serious! God says this is the way life works, but we have a better idea. The consequences can be far-reaching and painful. Then we need to listen to the Gospel again. The Good News reminds us that even the serious consequences of our sin can be undone. The Gospel is about the Great Reversal!


1) Disobedience and Division   Genesis 11:1-9

2) Redemption and Restoration   Acts 2:1-12