EPIC: The Story of Ruth

May 13, 2018 | Kyle Brenon | Ruth 3:1-13

Community Group Questions

This week we wrap up our sermon series “EPIC” as we have been looking at echoes of Christ in the Old Testament. These echoes or shadows of Jesus that play out as major themes throughout the OT were meant to point Israel to their Messiah. By doing this God gives us some amazing pictures of the gospel over and over again. If we have eyes to see and faith to believe, these echoes form for us an “EPIC” story that leads us straight to Jesus…

This week we look at the book of Ruth. A Love story between Ruth and Boaz, her kinsman redeemer, who despite her being an alien in a foreign land with nothing to offer him, loved her, bought her back, took her in and made her his bride.

Ultimately this is the story of Christ and His bride! He draws us to himself in redemption, thus allowing us to share in His inheritance. It is an EPIC story!

Read: Ruth 3:1-13, John 1:1-5, 14-15


1. Throughout this series we have been looking at echoes of Christ in the Old Testament. How has this changed the way you read the NEW Testament?

    - How does it tie the OT and the NT together?

2. When we look at the scene in Ruth as she approaches Boaz on the threshing floor, what images come to mind?

      - How is this a picture of us (the bride of Christ) and Jesus?

3. When Boaz redeems Ruth, she is brought in under his authority and protection as well as into his household. In what ways is this true of us as it relates to Christ?

4. When we began this series we said there were 3 things we wanted it to accomplish… 

                1 - That it would increase our AWE of God

      2 - That it would give us a stronger passion for God’s word

      3 - That it would bring God tremendous glory!

                - As we look back at the lengths that God has gone to in order to communicate the gospel to us, and that the whole of history points to Jesus Christ, how are these three things accomplished?