CrossWay is a community that loves God, loves people, and is passionate about sharing the gospel.

Because we love God, we direct our own hearts to Him in worship. Because we love people, we provide them with opportunities to worship God together, which helps build up a community centered on the gospel.

The songs we sing proclaim the message of the gospel. Although an individual song might not tell the whole gospel story, each one helps to tell a part of it.

About the Worship Team:

Our Band & Tech teams are made up of volunteers from within our congregation and led by our staff Worship Director, Janine McCormick. The music may sound different from week to week, depending on the availability of volunteers and the goals set up for each particular service.

If you're interested in learning more about this ministry or in serving on the Worship Team, contact Janine McCormick at janine@crosswayfellowship.org.